Ethical CME

We believe that the sharing of best practice by healthcare professionals is essential for improving clinical practice, and promoting patient compliance and outcomes.

Internationally accredited medical education must meet strict criteria and codes from regional and local regulatory bodies, making interpreting them into practical applications an art form. Our CME team have considerable experience in delivering a wide variety of CME programmes, from small local meetings to multi-national events.

Whether this is a GP training weekend, webinar, online interactive case studies or an international workshop, we find effective ways to engage with audiences and share research or clinical developments relevant to their practice. We work with respected scientific committees to ensure that all programmes meet the criteria for accreditation from the relevant national or regional institution or society.



CME Masterclass


  • Two-day CME accredited International Masterclasses in neuroendocrine tumours (NETs).
  • MedSense has organised the scientific programme for 5 years.
  • The event includes plenary sessions, interactive sessions and case studies.
  • About 15 faculty members take part.


  • Educate physicians practising in the field of NETs on current understanding involving epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology, therapy, standards and future clinical care of the disease.
  • Provide the opportunity to share best practices with international colleagues.


Our services

  • Worked with scientific committee to develop programme
  • Obtaining CME accreditation
  • Creation of all meeting materials
  • Onsite facilitation
  • Post-meeting evaluation and newsletter


  • The Masterclass is usually awarded 9 CME credits with up to 150 delegates in attendance.  
  • It scores high in terms of both content and relevance to the delegates with the majority giving it good or excellent feedback.
  • The faculty give very positive feedback on the Masterclass and MedSense.