Educational programmes

We develop relevant and scientifically insightful programmes, liaise with faculty and speakers, produce meeting materials, enable digital interactivity and offer logistical and onsite support. 

From sponsored events and congress symposia to training programmes, our bespoke approach to developing educational programmes ensures that learning objectives and the high expectations of the audience are met.


  • symposia
  • conferences
  • masterclasses
  • training programmes
  • e-learning

Our services

Programme and faculty management

We help engage, and then work with, scientific committees to develop relevant and scientifically insightful programmes, whether for a live event or enduring educational material and e-learning initiatives.


For live educational events we manage delegate registration, as well as sourcing and liaising with venues, travel agents and external organisations. This is all done in adherence with regional industry guidelines such as those of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).


Interactive learning

Presenting scientific information using digital technology can share key learning points with a wider audience than conventional written material and meetings.

Whether a live meeting, a webcast or an online training package, we present your material using appropriate media. We work with you to develop effective and state-of-the-art solutions meeting your digital needs.


Meeting materials 

Post-meeting highlights, reports, webinars and surveys all allow physicians to continue learning after the event as well as spreading messages beyond the plenary room. 


Training website


  • Creation of a training tool for physicians who treat patients with adult arm spasticity using botulinum toxin (BoNT), a technique that requires expert knowledge of muscle anatomy and dosages.


  • Educate physicians in managing the goal setting process with their patients
  • Use an adaptable goal assessment tool that measures patient achievement in improved functional and passive activities
  • Highlight best practice in assessing which muscles to inject and appropriate dosing schedules

Our services

  • Worked with the 4 key opinion leaders on the objectives and content of the resource
  • Filmed 6 patient cases
  • Translation of patient and physician transcripts into English
  • Development of interactive website with video clips, clinical copy and references
  • Interface design and technical development of all elements


  • The website was positively received by physicians, and has been used extensively as a training tool in a number of countries.


CME Masterclass


  • Two-day CME accredited International Masterclasses in neuroendocrine tumours (NETs).
  • MedSense has organised the scientific programme for 5 years.
  • The event includes plenary sessions, interactive sessions and case studies.
  • About 15 faculty members take part.


  • Educate physicians practising in the field of NETs on current understanding involving epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology, therapy, standards and future clinical care of the disease.
  • Provide the opportunity to share best practices with international colleagues.


Our services

  • Faculty management
  • Obtaining CME accreditation
  • Creation of all meeting materials
  • Production of affiliation toolkit
  • Onsite facilitation
  • Post-meeting evaluation and newsletter


  • The Masterclass is usually awarded 9 CME credits with up to 150 delegates in attendance.  
  • It scores high in terms of both content and relevance to the delegates with the majority giving it good or excellent feedback.
  • The faculty give very positive feedback on the Masterclass and MedSense.